Stephen & Kandice- Old world affection

Beautiful outdoor scenery, a cute couple in love, and a vintage vibe… Um can you say DREAM SESSION!  I knew we had to think of the perfect setting for these two, but after hearing that we had a thunderstorm warning it looked like we were going to get rained out. Luckily Stephen and Kandice were an adventurous duo and when we proposed the idea of trying to outrun the rain they jumped on it! We headed east (which was the only direction that appeared to be dry) as we watched the radar map on our cell phones praying for no rain! Thankfully the rain let up around Richmond and a fox hunt was in store! The Deep Run Hunt Club was our destination and while we had an amazing time taking in the scenery and laughing it up, we had even a better time getting to know Stephen and Kandice. Great people, great pictures, and a great day all together!


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L i v e   F e e d s
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