How we set out prices…

Our philosophy in pricing is not centered around profit, although we do need to make one in order to stay in business. We set our prices around the following;

  • Our artistic style and quality – Our look, attention to detail, and constant reinvestment into our own education is what sets us apart.
  • Our equipment is professional – We re-invest thousands into our equipment to make sure our couples are getting the highest quality every year .
  • Our post production – We invest over 70 hours in each individual wedding we shoot ensuring the very best from the session to delivery.
  • Our albums and books are some of the industries best!
  • Our experience – We do this for a living 365 days a year.

My packages don’t include albums (although we do offer VERY nice ones) and this is because I don’t try to be a one stop shop. Many times people want the whole “kitten kaboodle” for their budget, but you simply sell your day short when doing that. Plainly put I focus on the art of photography and capturing the love between my couples whole heartedly, not pleasing the masses with “bang for buck”. I’ve designed my packages so that they’re more affordable to everyone instead of charging a fortune and including the best of everything. Albums, prints, and the plethora of other print options are great “wants”, but what does it matter if your pictures turn out sub-par? I encourage couples to go with the photographer they love and then the extras make great one year anniversary gift’s if they can’t afford it. That way those with a big budget can have everything they want up front and those with a small budget have something to save and look forward to as well. It’s a win win.

Friendly Tip:

Beware of photographers who offer you super deluxe packages at suspiciously low prices. They’re probably trying to distract you from the quality of their photography itself, but don’t be fooled: the photography is the most. important. thing. Who cares about an album and the kitchen sink if your photos look terrible? Choose a photographer based on the quality of their work first, then consider the extras.

Our Prices

Our wedding packages offer a wide variety of services and we also offer unlimited choices  A La Carte, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask. Our engagment, rock-the-dress, and bridal sessions are a great way to capture classic portraits while allowing us both to meet and become acquainted with each other.
For information on prices please send you inquires to or simply send us a message from our contact page.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
-Micah Carroll

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