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Alex & Kristin – VMI + a girl and a guy

We had such a wonderful time with Alex and Kristin as we shot their engagement session on the gorgeous campus of VMI in Lexington, Virginia. Not only was it a beautiful day, but Alex being a VMI graduate filled us in on some hilarious not so traditional “traditions” as well as some of VMI’s richest. We spent most of the day laughing and talking while their down to earth personalities made us feel like old friends. It was an awesome day and we even got to see a four-star general land in his helicopter as Alex and Kristin were off changing outfits! This day was a blast and we’d do it again in a heart beat!


Stephen & Kandice- Old world affection

Beautiful outdoor scenery, a cute couple in love, and a vintage vibe… Um can you say DREAM SESSION!  I knew we had to think of the perfect setting for these two, but after hearing that we had a thunderstorm warning it looked like we were going to get rained out. Luckily Stephen and Kandice were an adventurous duo and when we proposed the idea of trying to outrun the rain they jumped on it! We headed east (which was the only direction that appeared to be dry) as we watched the radar map on our cell phones praying for no rain! Thankfully the rain let up around Richmond and a fox hunt was in store! The Deep Run Hunt Club was our destination and while we had an amazing time taking in the scenery and laughing it up, we had even a better time getting to know Stephen and Kandice. Great people, great pictures, and a great day all together!


Matt & Lindsey- Good sports

We met Lindsey at a local bridal fair and she was the winner of our free engagement session. We were delighted to get the opportunity to shoot this session with her and her fiance, Matt. Upon meeting the couple, we learned that Matt didn’t really like to take pictures. But being the good man that he is, he put on a smile and did this for Lindsey. Boy, are we glad that he did- because these pictures turned out beautiful! Little did they know, they’d be climbing through small alley ways and up hills (in her heels). This fun loving couple did it all and with a good attitude!



Scott & Allison- Running from the rain

Throughout this shoot we spent the day quite literally running from the rain. Despite the weather, Allison and Scott’s warm personalities continued to show through and made this day memorable to the last drop. Recently Mykkah photography has been experimenting with some new “experiential” techniques of which Scott and Allison were participants. These techniques not only allow our couples to get some killer pictures, but also to reignite the love and passion which brought them together in the first place. Allison and Scott were one of the first couples that we tried these techniques with and as these pictures show, we were able to capture their genuine love for one another.



Eric & Carmen – A little cold, but a lot of love…

I’d dare to say that most people don’t want to take their engagement pictures on a cold and rainy day in April, but then again Eric and Carmen aren’t “most people”. Because a lot of our sessions are outdoors, setting the date for the shoot can be a lot of guesswork and a little bit of luck with regards to the weather. Well it was the morning of our shoot and after a night of watching the weather channel it looked like we were going to have to make lemonade out of the lemons we were being dealt. Thankfully, Carmen and all of her thoughtfulness, had already informed us about the best place to grab a cup of joe in Charlottesville which lessened the blow of the cold and was so needed! After grabbing a cup of coffee we met up with Carmen and Eric and formulated a game plan of how best to avoid the random marathon that happened to be going on that day and where we could start shooting. We grabbed our gear and headed off on foot with high hopes of dodging the rain and the opportunity of capturing some amazing pictures. Other than cold hands and a few sniffles we had a wonderful time touring the University of Virginia’s campus and a very successful engagement shoot! On our way out of town we briefly stopped by a local winery and had the pleasure of capturing some gorgeous landscapes along with our beautiful couple. Eric and Carmen were so much fun and we’re looking forward to their wedding!
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