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Carmen Akers – Bridal Session

With every bride we get to shoot, we have the unique opportunity to not only see her as a beautiful bride but also get to know the wonderful person she is inside. During Carmen’s bridal session we got to focus on just that, her unique beauty inside and out. I can not brag on Carmen’s outward beauty without mentioning her sweet spirit and gentle demeanor. Her beauty in these pictures is unrivaled and she shines amidst the natural backdrop. You can see that happiness naturally exudes from her and she reminds us of a princess standing a top her castle. We had a wonderful time with Carmen and look forward to showing you pictures from her wedding!


Justin & Quincy – Country Road

Justin and Quincy’s outdoor wedding was a season favorite! This incredible wedding took place quite literally right off of a country road. The beautiful white tents that housed the ceremony and reception were surrounded by green rolling hills and a blue sky as far as the eye could see. If you know Mykkah Photography, you know this wedding venue is our dream shoot. With an incredible backdrop and a loving couple, this wedding was a pleasure to shoot from beginning to end. We quickly saw that this couple deeply cherished not only their friends and family but each other as well. These pictures tell the story of a wedding day full of love.




Tyler & Jaclynn – Near and Dear

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of helping surprise my sister-in-law with what turned out to be an awesome proposal! I wouldn’t say that Jaclynn was clueless about the possibility of a proposal coming soon, but with what seemed to be a disadvantage (her suspicions) we decided to leverage that hunch in Tyler’s favor. Jaclynn had already been looking at a few venue possibilities and  had pretty much decided on the Riverview Manor in Hurt, VA. A few days prior to the proposal we spent countless hours thinking of ways to throw Jaclynn off from her suspicions and the answer was so simple? Tyler purposefully started acting a little nervous around Jaclynn and then proceeded to make “dinner reservations”  for later that night which was not the norm for these two. That day Tyler told Jaclynn that he had homework and some errands he needed to take care of which allowed for us to get the planning under way! We quickly made a list for Lowes and headed out to the Manor with only one mission in mind… PROPOSAL TIME! With a little bit of help from everyone, Tyler pulled of a romantic surprise proposal at the very place they will be married! We were delighted to be a part of this special day and to be able to capture these priceless moments!!


Awwwwww!! That is sooooo sweet! L love it!

Autumn – Beautifully Bold

Here’s just a little sample of a recent bridal session we shot with the lovely Autumn Burks. We only had a little bit of time due to a wedding later that day, but as you can see we got some killer images! The colors that day were so vibrant and with the addition of Autumn’s great hair the pictures look like something right out of a fair-tale. Nothing like a beautiful bride and the great outdoors…


John & Allee – Out and about

John and Allee probably felt more like conquistadors as we shuttled them around the entire city of Roanoke, but hey the proof is in the pudding with this session! We started off downtown with this dynamic duo and basically hit everywhere in between including the transportation museum, the Roanoke Star, a local park, and an unintentional spot downtown where the homeless people gather. We laughed a lot (a common theme with us) and two times I caught my assistant dancing behind me while he thought I wasn’t looking in order to make our couple laugh. Our sessions are always so much fun and when you combine that with two kind and outgoing people like John and Allee- it’s a sure win situation! Their pictures are nothing less than a reflection of who they are, two beautiful people inside and out.


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