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Dante & Ellie – Bedford Bound

The opportunity to shoot Dante and Ellie’s E-Session was a great way to spend a weekend! Especially for me because Dante was one of my roommates during the college years, so anytime I get to see him is a good day. We decided to shoot in Bedford, so the day before their shoot I had one of my second shooters (Sean) go out and scout out a good location. Sean found a great place that suited this wonderful couple perfectly. Thanks to Dante’s romantic side coming out (which also helped the comedy aspect) we captured some fantastic pictures!  We had such a wonderful time and I’m thankful for great friends like Dante and Ellie.


Your stuff looks so great!!!!

Love your work! Awesome.

Dan & Tracy – Vineyard Views

When Tracy first contacted me and told me that she was getting married in a vineyard I tried to contain my pure excitement! What more could someone ask for than shooting a wedding in vineyard ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN?! I was so excited about this opportunity and after meeting with Dan and Tracy for a consultation, I knew it was meant to be. On the day of the shoot we had such a great time and laughed more than we probably should have, but we had an incredible time. Once we started shooting and Tracy and Dan got they’re picture faces on, we strolled all over the vineyard and captured some amazing images! About two hours in we decided to drive around in an attempt to mix up the backdrop and spotted an old barn that would be perfect. I’m sometimes hesitant to go on unplanned excursions with my couples, but Tracy was in the field before we could get out of the car, so I knew they were down! After getting permission from the little old lady who owned the barn, we marched up to it and got some images that made it all worth it. What a great day with a great couple!

Hi, Mikkah!
Thanks for your sweet words about my work!
I just stopped by to check your work too, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! This is not a retribution for your comment, Im leaving this comment here because I really liked it! The landscapes, the shallow DOF on some, the processing…
Would you mind telling me which lenses are you using on your portraits/sessions?
Keep up the lovelly work!!

Chris & Kristina – Love from afar

This lovely couple is not only good looking, but they’re pretty cool too. Chris and Kristina are actually friends who’ve recently gotten engaged and were coming in to town to attend a bridal shower for my sister-in-law (well at least Kristina was). Kristina had shown interest in having us shoot their wedding, so we decided to set up an engagement session and squeeze it in while they were in town. After they had just finished driving 6 hours from Pittsburg, we got them back in the car and hit up the Lynchburg country side looking for a good location. After about an hour of driving we found a pretty little spot on the side of a backroad, climbed a barbed wire fence, avoided some big o’l cow pies, and started shooting. They were great, the session went awesome, and we got some fantastic pictures! We are incredibly excited for their wedding next year!

Kassie – Walking on Water

I’m sure just from the photos you can already see how gorgeous this shoot went, but the best part was how much fun we had! If it weren’t for Kassie being such a go getter, along with her “no fear” attitude we probably wouldn’t have gotten such amazing shots. Whether we were trying to get under a bridge, walking barefoot down a bike path, or crossing a moving stream, Kassie was up for the challenge! There’s no trick angles or fancy editing being done here, it was just that beautiful and we were so blessed to have been a part of it. Thanks for being so great Kassie!

Kassie Barker

This was SO much fun! And these pictures turned out wonderful.. everything I wanted and then some! You guys are awesome and so much fun to be around. Hope to see you soon.. maybe when we have a little one you can travel back to Roanoke :) God Bless!

Hi Micah, thank you so much for stopping by to say hello. I just had to return the favor and head on over your way. You have some lovely work, I’m really loving this session with Kassie. Merry Christmas.

Jarret & Kristin – Classic Beauty

What a wonderful wedding! I can usually tell how a wedding will go all within the first few shots. After we arrived and said hello to Kristin, we quickly found a great place to showcase her dress and shoes for our first few photos. Those first shots of the beautiful dress and shoes Kristin had chosen told me right away that this wedding was going to be a great one!  I can’t say enough about how kind, fun, and wonderful Jarret and Kristin were; along with their friends and family. It quickly became apparent that everyone there loved Jarret and Kristin and were delighted to share this special day with them. We too were delighted to share in their celebration and have the privilege to shoot their wedding day.

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