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Bryan & Kathryn

We first met Kathryn at a bridal fair and instantly hit it off. Little did we know that the meeting that day would lead to the opportunity for us to shoot some of the most precious maternity pictures to date. A few years after meeting, Kathryn told us she was pregnant and we couldn’t have been more excited for her and Bryan. Bryan and Kathryn invited us to their family’s farm for a maternity session. As they led us to an old farm house, our exploring nature was intrigued. Bryan began to explain to us the history of the farm and we were even more intrigued! The house spoke of charm and character that we couldn’t wait to capture. Next, we went out to a pasture behind the house, where a heard of cows were grazing- this was definitely better than we could have ever asked for. Bryan said we could walk right in and as the cows headed toward us, incredible pictures ensued. Thank you to Kathryn and Bryan for sharing this precious time of their lives with us! We can’t wait to meet little Piper!

Tripp & Sydney

As we pulled  off the main highway and onto the small road  that led to the venue of Tripp & Sydney’s wedding, we were instantly in love. Blandfield Plantation was the ideal setting for anyone’s wedding dreams. Acres and acres of land that stretched along the Rappahannock River; including a sprawling mansion and hunting lodge. We were soon greeted by the bride and groom’s family who made us feel as if we were a part of theirs. The bride was already stunning and we had yet to see the incredible wedding dresses she would wear later that day. As the day unfolded it was evident that the best part of this wedding was the love the couple had for one another; and that for us was the most beautiful of wedding dreams we could have imagined. 

Adam & Jessie

Having met Jessie at a bridal fair the year before, we knew then and there, we adored her. Jessie and Adam’s engagement session followed soon after, and it all came together. Her eyes, his smile. These two were radiant, and we could hardly stand the wait until their big day. We arrived at Jessie’s home that September afternoon as she and her bridesmaids were getting ready. “We’re up here!” she called down to us. As we made our way up the stairs, we could hear the anticipation in Jessie’s voice. We could see it on her face. She’d been waiting long enough, and the day was finally here. She slipped on her dress, and it took our breath away. She was stunning, and she was ready. Down-the-aisle moments are a favorite of ours, and these two were beaming at the sight of one another. We were so proud to have been a part of their special day. It is always a privilege to capture this kind of love, and we are ever so grateful to have been a part of theirs.

Chris & Kristina

When we had the opportunity to photograph Chris and Kristina’s wedding we were delighted! Mostly because we love Kristina and she has been like family to us. And secondly, the church Chris and Kristina had chosen for their ceremony was the same church we were married in. Seeing the church, brought back a lot of wonderful memories for us. While at the same time, inspiring a whole world of new ones as we  we able to share this precious day with one of our dearest friends and her new husband. We can’t say enough about the beauty of this wedding and the incredible people in it! 

Kenny & Brittney

Kenny and Brittney’s engagement session took place at the beautiful and historic, Tuckahoe Plantation. (Which is the childhood home of Thomas Jefferson.) Of course, we are suckers for any gorgeous scenery but this one in particular took our breath away. Great tree lines and fields as far as the eye could see were just some of the beauty that surrounded us. We also have a soft spot in our hearts for animals (particularly dogs) and when Kenny and Brittney greeted us with their puppy in arms, we were delighted. We think their save the date has to be the cutest we’ve seen in quite some time! 

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