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Your wedding is one of the most important and anticipated days of your life. There are a million photographers out there and choosing one that's right for you can seem impossible! Let me encourage you to simply go with your heart on this one. Sometimes we see a price tag and immediately run away from what we want, but can you really put a price one something that's priceless? Your first kiss as husband and wife, dancing with your father one last time, portraits that tell the story of your love for one another. Photography is more than a check on your list, it's one of the few things that will stay with you once your amazing wedding has come and gone.

Here are some questions I have for you...

* Does my work speak to you?
* Can you see your wedding day story being told by me?
* Are you here right now because your heart tells you that I’m the one for you?

Then send me an email and tell me about your love story. I love a good romance. Let’s talk, it all starts there, who knows what will happen? When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Wedding packages starting at $5800